Wie trouwde met Engelbert Dollfuss?

Alwine Dollfuß huwde Engelbert Dollfuss .

Engelbert Dollfuss

Engelbert Dollfuss

Engelbert Dollfuss (Duits: Dollfuß; Texing, 4 oktober 1892 – Wenen, 25 juli 1934) was aanvankelijk een Oostenrijks sociaalchristelijk en later austrofascistisch politicus.

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Alwine Dollfuß

Beschrijving in Nederlands, Vlaams niet gevonden, we hebben alleen een beschrijving in Engels:

Alwine Dollfuß (née Glienke; 12 February 1897 – 25 February 1973) was the wife of former Austrian chancellor Engelbert Dollfuß. At the time of his murder, she was in Italy with Benito Mussolini, who allowed her the use of his private plane to hurry back to Austria. She is buried in Hietzinger Cemetery next to her husband, and two of her children; Hannerl and Eva. She was also satirized in Brecht's The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui 1941 as the character 'Betty Dullfeet'.

Dollfuß lived for a time after 1946 in Truro, Nova Scotia in Canada together with her two children, before leaving in 1957.